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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pred thoughts 3-10-09

The Predators started out very well when Ryan Sutter scored his 6th goal of the season 50 seconds in to the game with Assists from Shea Weber and Martian Erat. The Preds won the first period and just seemed to come back with a little less intensity from that point on. Dan Ellis earned his keep today. He made have come away with the L but he had 42 saves on 44 shots compared to Theodore's 27 saves on 28 shots. What does this data tell us? We aren't taking enough shots. We were outshot by 16. The Preds had 10 shots in the 1st 9 in the 2nd 8 in the 3rd and only an amazing 1 shot in OT. The Caps had 13 in the 1st, 10 in the 2nd, 17 in the 3rd,and 4 in OT. But enough about the shots we just need to take more end of story, what about fight night tonight huh? First bout was Belak vs. Brashear. A true heavyweight match it ended with one shot from Belak that layed out Brashear. It looks as if Brashear lost consiousnos and fell so it may be a possible concussion. Brashear did not return to the game. Next bout was Toots vs. Bradley on the next face off. That one ended with some blood on the ice...some from TooToo and some from Bradley. Tootoo and Bradley may have gone longer than that but the blood stopped it short. The third and final bout was Belak's second with Erskine. Started with some shoving after the whistle. Nothing too exciting about it but still a good fight. Well let's go get the Rangers on Thursday and try to get some more points to get out of this epic tie for 8th.


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