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Monday, March 9, 2009

First Blood

Well this is our first blog right now. This is the team (we all go by pen names) maybe you will be able to get to know us later but for now just the two pen names will suffice as names. So the Predator hockey team is on a hot streak right now closing out the 5 game home stand with a record of 5-0 and a loss the Flyers in Philly for a combined record in their last 6 games of 5-1. These games have been quite close with some ending in OT. The fact is we need to start winning those games in regulation against teams in our own conference. I'll use this example, the Preds are sitting in 8th in the Western Conference tied with the Oilers in points (70) if the Preds would have won the game against them in regulation we would have gotten our two points and they would have had zero instead of the one they got with the OT loss. We would have been in 7th with 70 pts and Edmonton would have been in 8th with 69 points. The other big thing that I have noticed,(some may not agree) but when the fans get in to the game then the Predators seem to feed off of that energy and play alot better. So anything to get excited about then use it and yell, make noise, or start a chant. Any chant at all I can guarantee you that 303 will help you out, and if you have been to a game at the Sommet then you should know of the cell block and if you don't then you need to clean your ears out. The truth is that when the crowd is yelling a screaming at one person it affects them mentally and may just lead to a crack in their game, even if it is for just one second that's all we need just one mistake made and the tide of the game can turn. I know it's hard to imagine this but just try to picture thousands of people yelling at you....you know what go back to high school.....making that speech or presentation in front of Suzzy the hottest girl in school....you're thinking "Oh my gosh she's looking at me. I hope I don't screw this up." Or how about something for the jocks....your high school team is playing in the state championships in a different town and no one is there cheering you on......everyone is yelling your name.....JEREMMMY......JEREMMMY.....JEREMMY....YOU SUCK. got the picture good now lets get into the game on Tuesday and get into it so maybe we can beat Ovechkin. If your stuck at home because you don't have a ticket or something stupid like your girlfriend's birthday practice yelling at the T.V for your next game at the Sommet and help aid your Preds to victory. Sorry for this long first post but had to get that off my chest. Well that's all for now see ya next time.

The Russian Doctor

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