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Monday, March 16, 2009


Alright so we're back to blogging tonight. Sorry for the absence the Dr. was sick and Frenchy was out of town with no computer access. Tonight's game is a fairly important one for the Preds to win but even more important for L.A to win. Nashville is in 9th and L.A in 13th. Preds have 73 pts. and L.A has 68. It's quite important for Nashville to win this one in regulation so we don't give L.A anymore points than they already need. More to come after the game/intermissions.

Alright we need to have a talk with all the Predators about taking shots...shots shots shots. We were out shot 11-6 in the first period....only 6 shots.....you get more goals when you take more shots...basic math/statistics. Anyway 1st period recap. L.A drew first blood with a goal by Kopitar at 14:42 with the assist by Brown, Kopitar's 25th goal of the season. The Predators came back about 5 minutes later Shea Weber's 19th goal of the season with an assist by Dumont and one by Ward. Nothing else really exciting about the period in question....no fights.....minimal shots.....2 goals....your standard period if you will.....oh well we'll see how this one turns out(hopefully not in OT) more after the 2nd

Alright 2nd period recap time. First of we're up 3-2 woot! The second period started with Ward's 12th goal of 2008-2009 with assists by Dumont(2nd assist this game) and Legwand. L.A followed suit at 16:25 with a goal by Purcell assists by Frolov and Handzus. But the Preds came back with Sullivan's 8th of the season with assists by Erat and Suter. But the HUGE highlight in my book anyway was the fact that NASHVILLE DID NOT GET OUTSHOT. yes that is correct folks it makes me love my life as a Predators fan we had 12 shots and L.A only had 11 now on that highlight I'm going to go watch the 3rd period...more after this period....over and out

3rd period the Preds held on to win the game in....yes folks regulation. The goal scoring started off at 9:53 with a Kings goal by Handzus with assists by Simmonds and Calder. The Predators followed suit when at 17:42 Jones scored his 7th goal of the season with the assists going to Hamhuis and TooToo which gave us our final score of 4 to 3. And once again can you believe it folks we did not get outshot, we outshot them 12 to 6....one hell of a game that improved from period to period, let's keep it up Nashville we're goin' the the playoffs!!

The Russian Doctor

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pred thoughts 3-10-09

The Predators started out very well when Ryan Sutter scored his 6th goal of the season 50 seconds in to the game with Assists from Shea Weber and Martian Erat. The Preds won the first period and just seemed to come back with a little less intensity from that point on. Dan Ellis earned his keep today. He made have come away with the L but he had 42 saves on 44 shots compared to Theodore's 27 saves on 28 shots. What does this data tell us? We aren't taking enough shots. We were outshot by 16. The Preds had 10 shots in the 1st 9 in the 2nd 8 in the 3rd and only an amazing 1 shot in OT. The Caps had 13 in the 1st, 10 in the 2nd, 17 in the 3rd,and 4 in OT. But enough about the shots we just need to take more end of story, what about fight night tonight huh? First bout was Belak vs. Brashear. A true heavyweight match it ended with one shot from Belak that layed out Brashear. It looks as if Brashear lost consiousnos and fell so it may be a possible concussion. Brashear did not return to the game. Next bout was Toots vs. Bradley on the next face off. That one ended with some blood on the ice...some from TooToo and some from Bradley. Tootoo and Bradley may have gone longer than that but the blood stopped it short. The third and final bout was Belak's second with Erskine. Started with some shoving after the whistle. Nothing too exciting about it but still a good fight. Well let's go get the Rangers on Thursday and try to get some more points to get out of this epic tie for 8th.


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Oh noes

Anyone else afraid of what might happen tonight when Ellis takes the goal? He has only played 3 times in the last 21 games. We might have to go to MacIntyre tonight. I don't want it to be but it is a distinct possibility. MacInyre is the AHL league leader in wins(29-11-2) and has a .920 save percentage. In the two NHL games he has played he had a .864 save precentage and a 2.95 goals against percentage. On the flip side this could be the game for Ellis to get back in to some games. Pekka could be out for a couple of games and if Ellis plays well Trotz may start putting him. Let's face it Pekka isn't going to be on a hot streak forever, what goes up must come down. That is all for now I'll write more after the game and remember GET LOUD TONIGHT. LET'S GO PREDS!!!!

The Russian Doctor

Monday, March 9, 2009


Well this is it...it's the moment none of you have been waiting for...the introduction of the second blogger. Well it's right after the trade deadline and the excitement that was the Predators trading can be summed up in one word.....non-existent. Hopefully they will go for some young talent from AHL or even some trading after the post season...(which we are going to make). Anyway enough about that because that is still some time away. The next game for the Predators is tonight against the Washington Capitals. The Predators are going to have to give it their all but the good news is that the Caps are coming into tonight's game on a 4 game losing streak. The Caps will be out for blood and try to snap this losing streak. The Preds have Nichol out with a concussion while the Caps have Brian Pothier, Chris Clark, and Brent Johnson out with injuries. Alex Ovechkin is off the IR from a bruised heel. Ovechkin is the league leading goal scorer with 47 goals which is more than the two highest scorers on the Predators combined (Arnott and Legwand 27 and 19=46) The Predators are going to have to play Ovechkin's line with a strong defensive line and 303 you need to get on his ass quick and try to crack him. He may be one of the best players in the NHL but he is still only 23 and in his 4th season in the NHL he is still sorta young and the truth is even the vets crack every once in a while they just know how to control it better. Honestly the first mistake Ovi makes start yelling he's only played at the Sommet 1 time so crack him early and his game will be off all night. Also let's try to keep this one in regulation so attack the net and TAKE SHOTS expecially on a power play. The Predators take their time on power plays and don't take the shots which brings us trouble when we pass too much and end up having a breakaway towards Pekka. Pekka may be good but when it's one on one the chances are NOT in the goalies favor, his chances go up when we have defensemen helping to get the puck out of the zone. So take some shots which brings me to my favorite hockey quote "You can't score a goal if you don't take a shot. SO TAKE A DAMN SHOT!" So keys to the game 1) Stop Ovechkin with good devensive line 2) get loud and crack Caps 3) Take shots and maybe we'll keep it in regulation to win. FIN
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First Blood

Well this is our first blog right now. This is the team (we all go by pen names) maybe you will be able to get to know us later but for now just the two pen names will suffice as names. So the Predator hockey team is on a hot streak right now closing out the 5 game home stand with a record of 5-0 and a loss the Flyers in Philly for a combined record in their last 6 games of 5-1. These games have been quite close with some ending in OT. The fact is we need to start winning those games in regulation against teams in our own conference. I'll use this example, the Preds are sitting in 8th in the Western Conference tied with the Oilers in points (70) if the Preds would have won the game against them in regulation we would have gotten our two points and they would have had zero instead of the one they got with the OT loss. We would have been in 7th with 70 pts and Edmonton would have been in 8th with 69 points. The other big thing that I have noticed,(some may not agree) but when the fans get in to the game then the Predators seem to feed off of that energy and play alot better. So anything to get excited about then use it and yell, make noise, or start a chant. Any chant at all I can guarantee you that 303 will help you out, and if you have been to a game at the Sommet then you should know of the cell block and if you don't then you need to clean your ears out. The truth is that when the crowd is yelling a screaming at one person it affects them mentally and may just lead to a crack in their game, even if it is for just one second that's all we need just one mistake made and the tide of the game can turn. I know it's hard to imagine this but just try to picture thousands of people yelling at you....you know what go back to high school.....making that speech or presentation in front of Suzzy the hottest girl in school....you're thinking "Oh my gosh she's looking at me. I hope I don't screw this up." Or how about something for the jocks....your high school team is playing in the state championships in a different town and no one is there cheering you on......everyone is yelling your name.....JEREMMMY......JEREMMMY.....JEREMMY....YOU SUCK. got the picture good now lets get into the game on Tuesday and get into it so maybe we can beat Ovechkin. If your stuck at home because you don't have a ticket or something stupid like your girlfriend's birthday practice yelling at the T.V for your next game at the Sommet and help aid your Preds to victory. Sorry for this long first post but had to get that off my chest. Well that's all for now see ya next time.

The Russian Doctor