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Monday, March 9, 2009


Well this is it...it's the moment none of you have been waiting for...the introduction of the second blogger. Well it's right after the trade deadline and the excitement that was the Predators trading can be summed up in one word.....non-existent. Hopefully they will go for some young talent from AHL or even some trading after the post season...(which we are going to make). Anyway enough about that because that is still some time away. The next game for the Predators is tonight against the Washington Capitals. The Predators are going to have to give it their all but the good news is that the Caps are coming into tonight's game on a 4 game losing streak. The Caps will be out for blood and try to snap this losing streak. The Preds have Nichol out with a concussion while the Caps have Brian Pothier, Chris Clark, and Brent Johnson out with injuries. Alex Ovechkin is off the IR from a bruised heel. Ovechkin is the league leading goal scorer with 47 goals which is more than the two highest scorers on the Predators combined (Arnott and Legwand 27 and 19=46) The Predators are going to have to play Ovechkin's line with a strong defensive line and 303 you need to get on his ass quick and try to crack him. He may be one of the best players in the NHL but he is still only 23 and in his 4th season in the NHL he is still sorta young and the truth is even the vets crack every once in a while they just know how to control it better. Honestly the first mistake Ovi makes start yelling he's only played at the Sommet 1 time so crack him early and his game will be off all night. Also let's try to keep this one in regulation so attack the net and TAKE SHOTS expecially on a power play. The Predators take their time on power plays and don't take the shots which brings us trouble when we pass too much and end up having a breakaway towards Pekka. Pekka may be good but when it's one on one the chances are NOT in the goalies favor, his chances go up when we have defensemen helping to get the puck out of the zone. So take some shots which brings me to my favorite hockey quote "You can't score a goal if you don't take a shot. SO TAKE A DAMN SHOT!" So keys to the game 1) Stop Ovechkin with good devensive line 2) get loud and crack Caps 3) Take shots and maybe we'll keep it in regulation to win. FIN
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