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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh noes

Anyone else afraid of what might happen tonight when Ellis takes the goal? He has only played 3 times in the last 21 games. We might have to go to MacIntyre tonight. I don't want it to be but it is a distinct possibility. MacInyre is the AHL league leader in wins(29-11-2) and has a .920 save percentage. In the two NHL games he has played he had a .864 save precentage and a 2.95 goals against percentage. On the flip side this could be the game for Ellis to get back in to some games. Pekka could be out for a couple of games and if Ellis plays well Trotz may start putting him. Let's face it Pekka isn't going to be on a hot streak forever, what goes up must come down. That is all for now I'll write more after the game and remember GET LOUD TONIGHT. LET'S GO PREDS!!!!

The Russian Doctor

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